Bushi Yoshimura is a master hair stylist in the art and craft of hairdressing. With over twenty years of experience, he recently started a new chapter in his life as he opened his own salon in Soho, New York. Bushi is thrilled to have opened the doors to his “Salon Musa”, and he is ready to share his unique approach to beauty, style, and trend with the world.

Bushi is a natural artist and craftsman by trade. His warm sense of humor and insight, topped with his extensive skills as a hairstylist have had clients returning from around the globe for years. However, it is Bushi’s signature “air-cut” technique that is sought after by many.

For close to a decade, Bushi has worked at the Oscar Bond Salon, now known as the Sam Brocato Salon, and assisted top industry professionals such as Vivian MacKinder and Thomas McKiver. You can also find Bushi’s work in magazines and editorial advertisements such as Gucci Japan, Tokio, QJ, Real Simple, and was also showcased in IBS’ annual beauty convention.

While Bushi grew up in Okayama-Japan, his family is originally from Korea. He chose to pay his respects to his Korean roots by naming the salon “Salon Musa,” after his given Korean name “Musa”.